Fish analysis of stuff supply network why can do the seconds just on the line

  well, we then look at the website keywords and description, page keyword introduction and intuitive, the page keyword density control is in place, is basically in line with the search engine included standard. At the same time description no nonsense, it is entirely original, so it is also very popular search engine favorite. Many webmaster site in the early, often do not pay attention to the site name and keyword and description, often put a few things with a website name full filled, in fact, this is also a very low-level error. If you want to make your site better ranking and included the speed fill in these kind of capacity!

  read the above things, we go deep into the internal site, we found in the chain of the entire site and pointing text is done more reasonable, it can also include speed and increase the amount of web content. At the same time enhance the home page ranking in search engines. Many webmaster in the chain, often love to join N take text links in an article, in fact this is very wrong, what want to learn the amount of each article link in 3 – 5, not too little, remember!

  also we can see that there are two map file web page on the head, many owners do not pay attention to the role of the site map, actually this is wrong. Site map is a collection of whole website links, it can be very good for the spider crawling spider, once you enter this file, which will be fundamental to all links are to climb over, so I want to let you stand by the search engines fast seconds, one of the site map is an essential tool!


  we must first clear, a lot of new online is not the content of the webmaster, usually in the late will be added to the site data. Of course, this time will not be able to talk about what the seconds seconds, you are not content, others to accept you what, oh. The supply network Dongdong do the opposite, on the site in the process of preparing for the site added data, make the website to search engine is a "full" feeling. So it is possible just an on-line website submitted to the search engine after included hundreds of pages.

  good today because of the time, this is the end, if I can get more time, fish will continue to bring you more of the website, thank you support.

  the second is the concept of interest to do a lot of friends stand for. Of course, the second is some exaggeration, the true meaning of the second refers to the site in the publication came out in a very short period of time indexed by search engines. The second as a symbol of Google or love Shanghai attention to your website, but also pull the website keywords ranking. Today fish brought everyone together to analyze the "supply network" is how to do things in a few hours on the line after let Google included hundreds of pages.

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