ranked 100 outside disappear you continue to insist on it

in 2013, it is Shanghai dragon Er disaster, love Shanghai Lee chain standard, how much the chain Commissioner lost his job? How many links to the sale of the chain, on behalf of other enterprises, many small and medium-sized enterprises  collateral damage ? Love Shanghai update algorithm, as is the user experience better, is that so? Put out a large number of Web sites, user experience is better? I do not think so, those illegal spam station is still safe and sound, standing, bitter is earnest do stand webmaster, but once again fell in love in Shanghai under the sword.



statistics, although many of the formal site is down right, but in addition to all the website ranking disappear, there is no exception, included normal, normal snapshot, is simply not like be right down, okay, no really, I took his was right to stand down it, look at the pictures. /p>

website was created 28 days up to now, April 13th on-line, on-line 3 days is love Shanghai included home, 5 days later released the inside pages, 8 days later, the site keywords have a good ranking, about 18 days, the site was down the right keywords, disappear, site title search does not come out, be drop right after my investigation of the space, website, website links, all without any exception, and all sites are original, daily updates, some people will say, is certainly the quality problem of the chain to drop right, I want to say is that the site built up to now have been issued a chain, content based. To see a map:

love Shanghai 628 from last year, much formal website ranking disappear, keywords ranking disappeared. And even the official brand also kill? Is this the love of Shanghai called for the user experience? Even the official brand word can give rankings, also talk about what the user experience, this is purely an excuse, there is interest. The site is down right, even if the keywords ranking disappeared, brand words have now ranking, site is down right, not to mention brand word keywords and ranking disappear, even in a love Shanghai search site title, not search, I want to ask is, whether it is against the garbage station, or those without combat sites do the bidding of


as you can see, your website is still relatively fast speed, general website updated content, 1-2 hours will be included, but even if it is included, this article will also not get any ranking, please see below:

?According to


from these indications, do you think this is like a drop right? I feel like being a little bit artificial. I want to say is, when your site encountered such a situation, what would you do? Continue to update daily original content, to send the chain? To be 1-3 months recovery? I believe that cannot persist, it is hard to recover.

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