Tmall supermarket initiative Beijing market the traditional super are how to calm

following the 1 billion envelopes subsidies, Tmall supermarket in Beijing launched a 1 cent market panic buying millions of goods, for the Tmall supermarket this crazy Beijing public subsidies, Hangzhou people express is not satisfied, ma do it, still want to continue to mix in Hangzhou. In the Shanghai Hangzhou Tmall supermarket, Shanghai Hangzhou first feedback market users, even before the market in Beijing for so many privileges, the Beijing market is so attractive?

began in Shanghai but first Beijing Tmall supermarket? Beijing one and a half years later began to force

yesterday, Tmall supermarket and basking in the transcript, or the goods sold how many, the goods sold much of the old routine, 1 cents panic buying appeal is still quite large, Tmall supermarket in Beijing so crazy throwing money grab the market, let the other super electricity supplier, super O2O, traditional super how mixed? Just cross shareholding Ali and Suning also in key developers super electricity supplier, Tmall supermarket so fierce, Suning supermarket mix or not? ASO good honeymoon period, the cat is in the manufacture of super disharmonious factors


must first Tucao two, who let the Shanghai Hangzhou area without this activity. When Tmall supermarket in 2012 officially launched the two city is the most important Hangzhou, then gradually extended to national each big city, there is such a large subsidy activities do not start thinking about Shanghai people, super cat you mean? Tmall supermarket in March last year to enter the Beijing market, to the late two years longer than Shanghai. But now in the hearts of the Tmall supermarket market position is obviously much higher.

Ma Yun’s April "in Beijing, participate in the construction of Beijing, the development of public participation in Beijing, in Beijing’s economy, to participate in Beijing’s participation in the Beijing tax, create jobs, let Beijing" because you feel proud of this passage opened the Tmall supermarket full to kill the prelude to the Beijing market, the past three a half years has been very low-key Tmall supermarket also began to become more high-profile. Ali to Beijing as a second home court, Tmall hopes to provoke the Daliang supermarket.

in order to successfully into the Beijing market, Tmall supermarket to do a lot of work on recent activities, prepare envelopes, stocking in advance and enhance the ability to achieve the same day delivery rookie. Ali to the region’s capital, technology, traffic, warehousing, logistics and other core resources are deployed to the use of Tmall supermarket, Ali group in the face of the importance of the business of Beijing super level. Previously, Tmall supermarket has been the development of the temperature is not fire, why Ali suddenly so much attention from the business over the electricity supplier business?

for the business super business, Ali has not given a clear model, three years ago, I had to question the Tmall supermarket is to do self, but the official response is still adhere to Tmall platform strategy. Now on the official Tmall supermarket one-stop shopping is in the storage environment directly into the supplier, warehouse management and logistics work done by the rookie network third party, Ali just provide storage space. So, it is necessary to make the platform model self service level, which Tmall supermarket co-ordination ability

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