Use some of my personal love Shanghai thumb share

? Numerical

three, love Shanghai will punish cheating on

a, the introduction of social flow, may increase can increase the degree of communication and make deals.

C, the display page sharing, can make the number of the page is displayed in the sharing of love Shanghai in the search results page, help users judge web quality.

B, as far as possible to share love, love of Shanghai Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar space to love and love, so that we can form a better Shanghai his thumb interaction.

C, do not always share a QQ with some people, see the QQ operation, after sharing space and micro-blog, second days came at a time, so there is No. Such sharing we will find that their site data is large, but the love that Shanghai did not change the number of thumb. Dong’ou valve network where individual company operations, as is called a do not understand the contents of the customer service staff to operate, you can see the following diagram:

two, share it skills

, what is it

personally think is not, because if this behavior will be punished.

this is the love of the Shanghai code page that share share code of several. Personally think that after the use of the thumb of Shanghai love, do not understand some of the network users is very attractive, because if you do not use it in others sites, and we use the site. So when we search the page behind there is a thumb, form a kind of love Shanghai recommended feeling, so that users will be more trust in our site. Of course, the thumb inside the larger the number, the impact is even greater.


a, do not use the same IP to share this one, I believe many people know.

a small site to users automatically to share is very difficult, this time, you can operate some data. Of course, this is not let you cheat, just for a while to do it under the application effect. So to share the operation to pay attention to what

love Shanghai thumb, this is the Shanghai dragon world is a little banter call tone. It is the love of Shanghai own development, Statistics website or page is a net share share code number. Is a simple love Shanghai small products, the following is the personal experience of its use.

at the bottom of the site is 39, while Shanghai is only 6 pages in love. This is to use the same QQ operating results.

B, to enhance the web crawl rate, this is mainly for the love of Shanghai search engine, using the thumb, the corresponding page included love Shanghai really can play the role of accelerating. This is the love of Shanghai a commitment to use this stuff.


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