Let the station master’s art of war and the Shanghai dragon shoes to say goodbye

– "the article" the webmaster of war

– "combat" webmaster of war

stressed: routineer will be beaten. To change the status quo is a method: change! "

has the potential of water often work out measures to suit local conditions, often visible amorphous. Webmaster webmaster not mercenary, have their own "art of war", a lot of the time, when we see a lot of old Shanghai dragon gives students a share, and dry cargo to your site to do very good, we still feel a dragon Shanghai shoes, if we carefully study and master the correct use of the art of war. Then, we will soon say goodbye and the Shanghai dragon shoes. So today let me borrow the A5 Adsense nets and talk about the art of war, the webmaster.

" is good at camouflage articles. It is the art of war said "evil" is derived, with the now popular network language interpretation is: B. To deceive the opponent, and while it is not prepared to hit.


comment: the webmaster in website optimization Shanghai dragon, sometimes encounter malicious competitors on their website to interference, then how do this time? You can’t resolve your competitors, be careful this time that jade and stone burned together, the best is to disguise yourself, try to avoid interference.

– "rules" of art master

: Master’s art of war "nine variable"

commented: "attack Moupian" it is usually webmasters in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we must analyze your competitors, how much is your website and your competitors? You need to pay how much energy? What needs to be done in order to catch up with and surpass your competitors, so this time to you do know, you might as well do a Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, diagnosis not only their own website, also diagnose competitor websites and find out the gap, and try to catch up with and surpass your competitors.

comment: in fact it is Speed is the soldier’s asset., execution, when many of the primary station in the implementation of the site of Shanghai dragon, often put a lot of words are starting up, and then plan how to make traffic God, but the final execution when it is not in place, not in accordance with the Shanghai dragon plan to complete the task because, when you start planning done in one vigorous effort, always full of confidence, but finally tired, relax tired, original content website update speed is slow, the quality of the chain can not keep up. So remember, sometimes win in Shanghai Longfeng optimization execution, win in speed.

" is the key to explain Moupian attack the enemy we can.

"combat" one sentence summary is: let your expensive long sheng. Regardless of victory or defeat, dragged on for a long time, the cost is high, very worthwhile, so quick. Drag, but the soldiers of the taboo. So is war.

"Nine" "

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