How to create the user satisfaction with the website

2, exchange experience:

3, emotional experience:

users to your website because users demand, so you have to do is simple and fast to meet the needs of users. We give an example of it, first of all your content is useful, please note it is useful content, how to judge is not useful? I think so, you said the content you don’t need to say anymore, you said you don’t mention the view, you need to say another explanation the summary is surprisingly to winning, meet other sites did not meet the needs of users. Simple and fast, is to make the user access to the content is simple, fast, a step can point to, don’t let users step two.

users have a desire to communicate, so your site in this area to open sky, the desire to be free for users to communicate, let their questions, ideas, knowledge can exchange place. For example, such as medical websites have to ask, but some also need to blog comments, these are the need to contribute, exchange of experience.

to give the user the psychological feelings, emphasize the psychological recognition, let the user through the site will have psychological feelings, or let the user experience to the webmaster of emotion, only deep emotional experience, users can remember our website, this website can make their own personality, not others the imitation of others.

1, quickly find useful content

1, sensory experience:

Five end user experience:

Shanghai dragon circles there is a saying that good "user experience is everything", can be seen in the Shanghai dragon in the optimization of the user experience how important is it! But the user experience is a purely subjective feeling, and user experience in all walks of life are different, so it is very difficult for us to come up with the industry the user experience is what? Today face a problem this user experience, and Shanghai dragon media from commonness to introduce, enlighten the brain, let everyone know how to create the user satisfaction with the website

2, a distinct theme, the site easy to use


presents the user with good audio-visual experience, that is the site of the comfort, the operation is the site of the color, sound, images, text content, site layout and so on. So when the construction site will not make it out of order, "well-proportioned, simple and elegant, concise theme".

user experience can be generally done in three aspects, is the sensory experience, emotional experience, exchange of experience, as long as we in the three aspects of work we believe that the site will have progress, the list said:

website design style, color collocation, page layout, page size, picture display, website font size, LOGO space, the location of the advertisement, all >

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