How to do with the web site keywords ranking

today Xiaobian first to talk about yourself, as the network sales website optimization ranking is the emphasis of our work is a special automobile industry, however, do optimization need patience and execution, at this time of the Spring Festival, Xiaobian feel in this respect is very poor, rarely able to spare the time to manage the website, often do not update the site a few days, although the website ranking did not fall, but it is not good for all sites, so long will not only impact on the site, or slowly erode our will, so that we become more and more lazy, a little bit of the consumption of our patience and perseverance to that’s when you want to adhere to the optimization is often inadequate, I do not know whether it is during the Spring Festival also made the same mistake as me.

new year, new year gave birth to a lot of new hope, I believe we have received many blessings in the year of the horse spring festival, such as the right money, there is an object immediately, "immediately pregnant" and so on, these wishes are carrying our own new year goals and aspirations, single people certainly hope that the right object, such as I have, except outside the object, as a special car sales staff, how to do business, to sell more cars is a top priority for the new year, I wish in the new year is the right order "right object".

now concern the edge of extinction Festival and Valentine’s day has passed, this indicates that it is time to go out of the joy of the Spring Festival, the good work, today is Monday, is the first working day after the holiday, of course, many of my friends have been very early in the class, but work the efficiency of how can make nothing of it.

summed up the views of everyone, and my analysis does not have what difference, the problems existing in the website is the main content of the website quality is not high, the original rate of less than 1/4, the second is the quality of the chain is not high, outside the platform is relatively scarce, in the eyes of everyone, outside the station to optimize the original high quality and high quality the chain is still the mainstream trend, only do these two things, the user experience can be improved, it is good to optimize the rhythm, which we have always stressed, but many of us know, all know how to do, but do not run.

station optimization is actually a very simple thing, as long as we seize the user experience this line to the center, is basically not too far, when we optimize the website of their own when the user, as is the site.

today to check the website, found the website ranking has been several months without moving, always stay in that position, but the snapshot is very long time not updated, his analysis about the web site problems, due to their limited capacity, can not determine their own judgment is correct, so also in common Shanghai Longfeng Forum a few questions, hope to help me analyze exists about the problems in network problems, not long, there are a lot of reply.

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