The normalization of the canonical tag


3. page weight transfer. For many pages website, is to transfer the weight between the secondary page and home page is more important.

today introduced a new label standard: canonical.

wordpress blog, will produce a lot of URL, but the content of the page is the same:



We take the

site specification will reduce the page weight



first, Canonical tag is what? Canonical tag is to tell the search engine which is authoritative page page. So its role is self-evident:

1. standard. Since it is a link label, with standardized effect on url.

The ?

Canonical tag can only function in the same domain where the site is similar to www.xxx贵族宝贝/xx/ and www.xxx贵族宝贝/xx? Id=1 that belong to the xxx贵族宝贝 page. If a different domain name, use 301 redirection URL specification do.

can add the following code in the head part meta:

www.***.me/xxxx.html replytocom=202

Why not

www.***.me/xxxx.html replytocom=201

2. page to avoid duplication. Is still relatively large website, search page, search results according to the conditions of the interface to produce a large number of similar or identical pages (these pages are dynamically generated).

is actually a 301 redirect website optimization and URL specification must be done, but rarely come into contact with the canonical label, the label may be due to strange, perhaps love Shanghai so few people use smart enough. I have recently been plagued by 301, at the time of search, they found the label. Use the Zac canonical label recall explained in his "secret" in Shanghai dragon combat.


seems to be a very Speechless problem, because is not standardized. To search engine, web page weight calculation is to put all the web pages to calculate the weight, and then through the internal links together in the main page up again weighted by. Say "not the more the better?. Is "more weight better, and the site is not the norm will waste energy so as to reduce the weight of the main page. Repeat the page is a major pest of weight waste! Is a dead link page (can be solved by 404).

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