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into the word index of May is straight up, from 70000 to 140000, then 350000 is a day for two days, as early as in the word mid March index reached more than 3000, see more and more people pay attention to the family, which for us is a thing very gratifying, in addition for we also should seize this opportunity, in the flow of this festival is part of a flow interception inside it. I analyze how to use the long tail keywords interception must flow in this festival.

These are some of the long tail keywords

A, the habit of doubt. For example, you do not know love for mother’s day, take the question statement search for answers, which are examples of "mother’s Day is a few months," mother’s Day ", what" mother’s Day ", the origin of the" mother’s Day is a day.

long tail analysis of user search habitsKeywords 1, the use of


Hello, I am the rose. Once a year the mother’s day will come here, first of all wish all mothers a happy holiday, wish my mother happy holidays. Mother’s Day is a festival every year, we are very concerned about, today is the day before mother’s day, the word "mother’s Day". Once a month time is rapidly rising. Today we see the index:

long tail keywords has been our webmaster diligently pursue, and we talked about an optimization in details, many competitors, if caught a large number of long tail, then we will be in the opponent inside top talent shows itself. In the face of the mother’s day this special holiday, how do we do that?

Each of the

from the above we can see a lot of long tail users search habits, including questions from the heart, with emotion, curiosity, there are many other habits, it is these unique habits that make long tail keywords more and more, more and more kinds of the.

index to view the hot love Shanghai long tail word

word of the fire, and these words are signs of people search for the vane, so we must make good use of love for us to intercept the flow index in Shanghai. A detailed layout of each of the long tail keywords, such as "mother’s Day is a few months," the long tail search volume in 200 thousand or so, we can focus on the word layout, one is to have at least one articles on this topic, the two is the long tail keywords in some related theme the article, let the long tail as much as possible, but not so deliberately, the important point is the content to do fine, to attract users to browse, and guide users to other pages.


words in general in Shanghai love index which will be derived from some other long tail keywords, "mother’s Day" is no exception:

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