Little joke three steps to the website of the amount collected fly


of course there are some other details, I generally summarize, it is not practical, only their own combat to know, ha ha. This little joke Daquan (贵族宝贝xiaobud贵族宝贝) exclusive experience, please leave the chain chain experience, thank you.

The chain

as the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. The literal meaning is how to go, where to go to arrive in Rome, so the website should have this form, all the chain site (oneself), which will let the search engine think your website is very popular, because most of the path will come to your website, that users love it make the chain for the emperor according to the. So a strong chain can make your included high ranking good.

super chain


Hello, today to talk to you about the problems included, included is every webmaster are very concerned about, on the wood to?? today included, all posts, announcing to the world by how much, second days included reduced, and Meng began posting, called Meng BD how how, I believe in the webmaster circle mix for a long time will see more or less the existence of such person. This only shows that the webmaster mentality is not strong enough, not calm, all words are all the clouds, it is not included, associated with good or bad mood completely, included good mood is good, is not good mood is not good, does not matter to sad, general a celebrity or famous webmaster can achieve this realm, they will not say today is not good, fierce scold, included good publicity everywhere, as if the world people are anxious to know if. In fact, included see key points, you can do. Not all

first is the source of all content included, cannot talk included no content, some people say the picture can also be animated or also, but don’t want to search engine too cattle, it was just a program, not so do not understand the passions of the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, and, to be included, to comply with the content of writing the search engine and users, and is the original, on the network is the one and only a wonderful article, the content can make the spider has a way to go, although some code can identify the picture, but it is not mature, so it is best to use words to express.

a few days ago, chatting with a group of friends, a management forum said he optimization of the understanding of the site is like a luxurious palace, while the chain is in the corridor to each room, I think this analogy is very appropriate, not only simple, but also can let a person easily understanding the role of the chain, also, site of the "corridor" is within the chain chain, reasonable in an internal web site, the spider can be an easy job to do to climb, and not have to worry about getting lost or never walked into the alley. In the chain of powerful, can give very high rankings and included plus points. So the construction of the chain, you will be successful 1/3.

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