How to create the user experience of the website imperceptibly

with the development of network, more and more opportunities, the network of the enterprise began to establish their own website and blog. Shanghai dragon and network marketing has gradually become a hot term. In recent years, Shanghai dragon emerging out of a lot of popular characters, the Shanghai dragon learning climax. But behind this, more and more people put forward UEO, namely the user experience as the core of Shanghai Longfeng technique.


what is the user experience?The



B. guidelines

imperceptibly user experience


A. automation (or intelligence)


For example:

user experience is hard to clear Ming, also cannot give accurate user experience approach. Usually I think the user experience is secretive and imperceptible to the average visitor, a smooth feel of nature in the browsing process, such as love Shanghai know products in your questions link, there will be slight user experience behavior:

in the process of input problem, below the classification according to the changes in your question, the question until you have finished, the automatic classification of the end. Automatic classification is to solve the classification of questions is not willing to take the initiative to select questions, Internet users are lazy, so the more intelligent, more fool is more popular. This is a subtle love Shanghai know the product good user experience.

user experience English is User Experience, referred to as UE. It is a subjective aspect of feeling, is a kind of subjective emotion unconsciously in the use of the products, users browse the site in the process. From the perspective of the user, the user experience is good is a comfortable enjoyment; from the perspective of the website, the user experience is a kind of aesthetics, marketing, psychology with website design body. This is somewhat abstract, simply browse the site we each people have subjective feelings, perhaps to appreciate abstract art, but actually feel good is the user experience.

users come to the site to browse, click operation, good user experience website will give users a simple to understand the behavior of the guidelines. So simple navigation, page layout, it is very necessary to help page. There are many known as seemingly with forced meaning striking words, is the behavior of users guide. These guidelines can not only guide the user behavior, can also bring other benefits.

in Shanghai love to know the input problem at the same time, the automatic matching problem has been solved with the same or similar below you will avoid it, you repeat input will be able to quickly find the answer.

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