Junior high school graduates in Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurial experience inspired those still in

I want to write some inspiring things

had a lot of inferiority, there had been a lot of blood.

and I have to like confusion, even with some inferior low educated friends said some encouraging words, these words are not entirely on my Weakness lends wings to rumours., that Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurial experience, standing on the third angle objective to share with you, mutual encouragement. If such an article in you after reading will make you feel warm, will become more confident and impulsive, so this is my greatest comfort.

that once from almost four years now, I understand a truth: Shanghai dragon is not what very high-end IT technology, it is just the uninitiated, Shanghai dragon is not so simple, this is the rookie. Shanghai Longfeng difficult place is not technology, is thinking.

once, the first time I saw Shanghai dragon three letters that this should be the most difficult technology.


I want to tell you is: This is a very good mentality and start. If you really want to enter the Shanghai dragon in this industry, want to do Shanghai Longfeng, education, experience, the "low"

once, when Shanghai home love keyword ranking the moment that they have stood on the top of the earth……


once, because of the cultural education that she must not suitable for high-end IT technology.

well, nonsense not say, I am a junior high school graduates, now had to confront, because in the eyes of me now, even if the primary school graduation can rely on Shanghai Longfeng hunfanchi. The following article is not about Dragon technical aspects of things to see in Shanghai, technology and experience can go around, every day in the A5 page will experience numerous articles on the waiting for you to absorb.

short was very silly, very naive, life is not all you grow from the experience of

when I looked at the junior high school graduation certificate to open the page will feel unworthy to talk about technology in the A5 forum and the people; when a keyword (I later found out that the words did not competitive ranking) love Shanghai home before five would do a sina Sohu, but also like this……

now I don’t need to update every day, do the chain, only occasionally write a soft Wen, do Shanghai Longfeng specific work arrangements for the following people. More time, I walked around the head of the forum, Shanghai Phoenix Forum, including Baidu know and search ask. In these places, you can easily see the netizen asked: "I, code, do not know what we can do in Shanghai dragon? How to do Shanghai dragon? These friends are mostly belong to the newly learned Shanghai dragon, and found its great value and effect, so to system the study of Shanghai Longfeng, they may be under the line of sales personnel, the student may be, may be unemployed, this is not important……

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