Analysis of 10 kinds of black hat techniques in Shanghai Dragon

2. large chain back

buy 3. single link

4. hidden text and hidden links

literally can see both the meaning of the text is by some means or links to get only the search engine can be seen, the user is invisible. The black hat technique is usually text or link color settings and background are similar or the same, or text or link set is very small, such as 1px, then the naked eye is difficult to find, but this is usually CSS (style) of the file.

Although Multiple links to the same page of the anchor text to a


some bosses do not understand Shanghai dragon, will require under Shanghai Longfeng personnel to purchase a large number of individual links, often appear in the website to buy a large number of links high weight, high weight website link (single) to their own website, search engine is just to buy, after the discovery, not what to say, directly punish. So, when this kind of boss, must be that of the terrible.

5. sprocketThe so-called

1. accumulation

hidden links, there are two possibilities, one is their own hidden links, second is the website was hacked, was placed in the black chain, a large number of so, this requires us to check the web page source code, source code to check whether there is a black chain implantation.

page in common at the bottom of the web page, such as at the bottom of the page for each keyword page add a anchor text, and then link to the home page, this is the chain. Back to the chain once more than 2, it is likely to be identified as black hat, which is search engine punishment.


common keywords accumulation way: accumulation of keywords title, description, web page header and footer accumulation keywords, keywords accumulation content, Keywords tag (tag) accumulation of keywords, accumulation of keywords anchor text, pictures and so on accumulation of keywords in the ALT attribute.


bloggers do not agree with the black hat Shanghai dragon style, but some common black hat tactics or need to know, increase their awareness of the black hat, also can in their own website optimization at the right moment to bypass these black hat techniques, so as to avoid their own website search engine punishment. Well, not much to say, below into today’s topic: 10 kinds of black hat tactics.

this is the most common problem is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, a black hat Shanghai dragon style. In the content of the website, we pay attention to the natural keywords, need not do not appear, and some people simply in order to improve the keywords "density" in the article deliberately and the emergence of a large number of keywords, which leads to the consequences of the statement is not fluent, seriously affect the user experience of reading, to be search engine punishment.

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