Please note that the novice Wangzhuan really feasible to worry about not making money

In recent years

Chinese for online business fried boiled, a lot of people especially a large number of graduates just out of school, want to rely on a computer to carry out their own business network. Because it does not need to invest a lot of capital, because there is a Ma Yun in China, because there are a lot of outstanding webmaster!

, however, relies on a computer to make money, so easy? We analyze the current Chinese network in several ways: the most fire

, if you will write the article, then you can go to contribute, tens of thousands of people a month part-time writer, is published in the website hits! But this literary basis is very strong, and very sensitive to clear logical thinking.

two, if you will graphic design, 3D design, programming, web design and other technologies, you can do on the Internet to do. If you have these so you can also try the proficiency in a particular line, the design of enterprise website LOGO, LOGO, etc..

three, if you have some knowledge of web design, you can create a website or blog to join advertising to make money, you can see a lot of large sites are to rely on advertising to make money, but also cost a lot of Oh, but the premise is your site must be very popular for Swanson oh! Or you won’t have this value! Anyway, the Internet becomes more and more realistic, the flow of money is


four, if you do not have what technology, but your popularity is very good, you can also help manufacturers introduce customers to earn some fee or intermediary fees from.

five, there is a can not only entertain themselves, they can make money, that is the professional gaming game player! This occupation in recent years can be red, even the school also opened up such a discipline. If you are strong enough, you can upgrade the collection fee, or after the upgrade to sell points.

six, if you have a good supply of goods, such as factory direct supply in the price has a great advantage, then you can open an online store, there are many on the network shopping platform, Taobao, Baidu, pat, ah, eBay can. Now online shopping has been more popular.

seven, that is, I am the best long, engage in the site, whether you are making sense, or garbage can rely on it to make money. If you know how to promote your website, as long as you have the patience, as long as you are willing to learn, it is not afraid of you don’t succeed, if you succeed too early! About this, I can talk with you, or to guide. Welcome newcomers to add my Q:78256485 (Note: A5) only with the novice veteran Oh, don’t tease me!

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