22 days to restore weight thanks to the A5 team in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis proposal

after the initial detection of A5 team of engineers, mainly because the site is down right is two level optimization of the internal structure of the domain name is not perfect, after the 7 day project, engineers gave me a 25 page "Shanghai dragon" was the diagnosis proposal, dense text did not hold much hope, in twenty-second days in accordance with the proposal to perform operations, the site began to recover the weight.

webmaster some curious diagnosis what are the contents of the book, for the diagnosis, raises more questions, analyze problems and solve problems, for the novice webmaster, like operation tutorial steps clear, specific to how to modify, so novice webmaster do not have to worry about their not operation. Such as below to see some specific process.

2, the diagnosis is not only for the title page title, diagnosis book has a title to improve the website so channel page to allow website to get more long tail keywords flow. At the same time, the inside pages of keywords and description of the site of unified planning.

3, the book also focuses on the diagnosis of websites using nofollow tags for the diagnosis, the use of NF tags reasonable, can make a web site to avoid unnecessary loss of flow. For example, on the website of the "more" tab navigation label, for example: about us, contact us, privacy protection, company profile, website background.

Jinhua real estate website website for 9 years in Shanghai, love update algorithm, could not escape the punishment of the Shanghai love at the beginning of January, the site is down right, love Shanghai weight is only 1, after 3 months of recovery of yourself, and not to return to the previous 4 website weight. Extremely tangled to see Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis successful case of A5 marketing, many real estate portal site diagnosis weight recovery case, this brought new hope to the webmaster of the site.

        1, < title> Jinhua Housing Network – Jinhua second-hand housing, rent in Jinhua, Jinhua’s new real estate – Jinhua real estate portal < /title>             proposed changes:       & nbsp;; < title> Jinhua real estate _ Jinhua real estate portal _ Jinhua housing network < /title>           modification reasons: do not let the home page keywords occupy excessive page and column page related content, the content page and list page title must be around their content to write, but as long as the home to compete for several hot words is enough.  

site weight has been restored to 3

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