Shanghai dragon of the high end market profit model with decomposition

know now Shanghai dragon network optimization is more and more, how to win in such a competitive market? I think the first is to enhance the team leader and the technical strength of the continuous improvement of the profit model, the second is to pay attention to brand marketing, scale development. At this stage the Shanghai dragon market is undergoing division of the scale, the area or transaction optimization optimization personal name, with the passage of time will gradually be big, thinking of Shanghai dragon team instead of Shanghai dragon market is moving toward standardization mode, even including the overall corporate image specification CIS.

brand Shanghai dragon, have a good team, the team may be a few people at the beginning of the team is the best, every increase of a high-end customers can increase the number of employees, employees need to develop a unified professional technical training and comprehensive quality of the staff, in order to adapt to the different technical Posts and reduce staff turnover. Technical department: technical department is the largest, can be said to occupy the whole of the majority. If you can not let the customer benefit cannot continue past. So this department is very important, technology department is responsible for the update, increase the exposure rate, increase outside the chain of things, a good website ranking in the other under the condition of the same ratio is the chain number and content, my friend with his more than 100 man team, in just a few days will make a Wikipedia site more than row to the industry first, and quite stable, even some industry keywords lined the first page of the chain, as the site of the root, root, the tree is bigger, so the general is not easy to blow down the wind. This accumulation is quite powerful, ordinary individuals and small companies simply can not with the team. As you have one hundred million people, time and efficiency, others will go farther and farther, to seize the market with high-end customers more and more, this steady operation can make an enterprise to be long, and >

My name is Peng Liyong

, University of professional advertising design, to meet some friends for the website during that is already a lot of years ago, of course, these friends later turned to the Shanghai Phoenix this huge market, some do now on 100 team. Of course, as a spectator, I, well aware of the hardships, business failure, and then start again failed. So repeatedly trained social leader. Now BMW for Benz, Mercedes for Hummer, they have accumulated a lot of experience early, not only technically, it is more important to your company and marketing. I am a witness, but also a beneficiary. Shanghai Longfeng brand, the most popular keywords to identify the various industries, the national industry ranked first. Keywords 100 thousand and 20 million annual fees, not ranked on the first charge, can not maintain the appropriate fee reduction, according to the different prices of the industry are different, such as health care, study abroad, Home Furnishing categories is a kind of high return industry, successful network image of the corporation’s overall marketing, more conducive to their own image promotion, make itself more with strength and self-confidence.

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