Google K site restoration included combat tutorial on

, will receive a letter called for a re examination of the application of 贵族宝贝 in the mail in Webmaster Tools > background.


first add website in Google webmaster tools, you feel the right way, through the website ownership certification, I by adding the meta tag in the head website, will go directly to the site certification through the management console.

in front of the two we have no problem, we now proceed to the third step, click on the link to the request to review page, choose to apply for a re examination of the site, and agreed to "re audit statement" clause. In the edit box, to provide what had operations which may lead to the punishment results, has taken corrective measures to assist in order to evaluate the review of the completed application, submitted after the success will prompt:

According to

simulation of spiders, we can see the basic normal, spiders crawl.

2 years ago, my blog in the operation process of Shanghai dragon has replaced a program, website update a lot of content, the content of quality may be low, there are some that do not meet Google search experience, to blog from the search engines disappear; and because of work and some personal reasons the website has not been carefully examined the problems, after a lapse of a year and a half, finally have time to handle it, hope that through this operation, to restore the Shanghai dragon blog in the normal index of Google.

view of the Shanghai dragon blog now does not have what problem, submit a request to review and prepare, according to the following steps:

make sure that you have to add and verify you want to review the website.

thank you for submitting to the audit application. We will evaluate your site, to determine whether it complies with the provisions of our webmaster guidelines. This process may take a long time.


website love Shanghai and Google is K with different solutions, Google has a relatively perfect feedback channel, namely through the noble baby webmaster tools, you can achieve a re examination of the site. English Shanghai dragon the use of noble baby website management with a tool to be submitted, and will appear before the feedback issues, hope that Google on the site for re examination, re index of Shanghai dragon blog, the following is my operation steps:

request to review your site.

After a few minutes


add a site map in the webmaster tools, methods as below:

the use of noble baby Webmaster Tools account login.

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