Don’t talk nonsense website of Shanghai Longfeng flow factor is not open around only three

website traffic is the most fundamental included, this is also the site of the most fundamental things have not included rankings flow all out of the question. But everyone ignored is also included to improve traffic, because many sites in the architecture has decided it is difficult to obtain the long tail keywords ranking, another point is that we have on the website of the resource planning, some Shanghai Longfeng operator level, or put too much resources toward home and so on a number of factors in some small and medium-sized website and enterprise website no long tail keywords ranking. General can take a few simple core keywords do search engine home have thankfully, some sites are too small, a total of dozens of pages, even if there is a long tail keyword ranking can bring traffic, but the amount is limited, or simply do not feel that this did not attract people’s attention.

is now the Shanghai dragon explosion of knowledge has let people do not know what knowledge is right, it is difficult to select those excellent knowledge, what do we do a lot of knowledge in Shanghai Longfeng guidance, many people teach you how to improve website ranking, how to enhance the flow of ascension website weight etc.. But today I want to talk something for everyone here, some basic things, Shanghai, the most basic things, and these things make a lot of friends forget chasing skills. In fact, you should know is a site of the Shanghai dragon flow only these three reasons, these are the most fundamental things, we want to promote Shanghai Longfeng flow starting from these basic things, improve every detail, natural site traffic increased, or a pile of many factors we will big head.

The first effect factors of

then on the flow of Shanghai Longfeng factor is the ranking, that do not believe that we all know, but now I see that most operators to enhance the Shanghai dragon all the energy on this flow. Basically ignored the other two, but every improvement space is limited, when some of the factors to achieve the ultimate, further improvement is very difficult. In fact, we can from two places in addition to enhance the relatively easy, this need not say more, I believe we all understand, here to remind people that don’t pay too much attention at this point.

the last factor is the click, actually this important factors ignored more, lose any points in it is very unfortunate, because you have worked so hard to do up the rankings. The last step is no one click on your site, don’t complain why love Shanghai index is so high, but why so few click, is not someone to love or brush Shanghai index is simply not allowed, in fact, there is an important factor.

if you want to improve site traffic, you should first enhance the site overall weight, so that it will be included, included after the ranking is easy. The general factors to improve website traffic is a lot of people do not pay attention to, but this really is a very effective method.

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