The electronic commerce website operators in the user experience

third, pre-sale service experience.

3) website architecture experience: the structure set is reasonable, whether the classification set clear, whether to allow users to easily find the products.

2) website performance experience: page open speed is fast, the existence of dead links (error page), is compatible with all browsers. (this and important, please pay particular attention to the

(telephone) users online consultation, customer service staff to answer whether or not timely, whether professional, whether appropriate, whether the customer satisfaction, the final purchase behavior of this will determine the user.

first, trust experience.

1) website visual experience: color collocation is to let users look comfortable.


) The

4) website shopping experience: submit the order process is smooth, the timing and content of fill in the relevant information requested by the user is reasonable, whether the payment diversity (support Alipay, online banking, quick money, cash on delivery and other payment methods), whether the page remind orders submitted after the shipment of the product whether the messages (SMS notice).



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3) contact details: whether the site has published 400/800 phone, detailed address and other contact information.

1) brand awareness: website whether the brand has a certain reputation.

first throws a problem: the user login using the electronic commerce website ", the general experience of what

user experience is an important link in the operation of electronic commerce website, only good user experience, will have the word of mouth; only do the user experience, users will have to repeat purchase. Today, e-commerce website is currently hot operation about user experience.

2): whether the site has a certification authority such as ICP (for the record information management website), trusted sites authentication, online transaction security center certification, Chinese e-commerce website integrity unit and so on third party certification authority.

electronic commerce website "trust" is to determine whether the user has purchased the key factors, transfer Website Trust generally through the following ways:

I think the experience has the following:



is more than 3 important user experience before purchasing the product, commodity purchase, will feel 2 key experience:

second, web browsing experience.

launched this content will have a lot of today, first a brief talk, web browsing experience includes:

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