Take over a new electricity supplier website how to optimize the site

in a blog on the "depth of interpretation of the website user experience of three elements (3): don’t let me out", as we said, users are lazy love, if your website operation efficiency is very low, will make the user resulting in irritability, bad experience, or even a bad reputation. Search function is the preferred tool for user lazy.

refers to 2 points: 1 to be flexible for the user, can also direct shopping for non registration; the 2 payment is flexible, can support a variety of payment methods, such as Alipay, online banking, finance etc.. More than a choice, may be less loss of some orders.

Process orders payment

is to optimize the website, we must first start from the most basic electricity supplier website processes and functions: orders for payment.

shopping orders payment process that we start to optimize a business website, need to observe the first data items and process function.


The flexible


for orders for payment of this basic process, the data can be effective monitoring effect, and complete the optimization. The data model is the most typical funnel.

electricity supplier website must follow 2 basic principles: simple and flexible.

I have been advocating website optimization based on data analysis, especially the electricity supplier website. At the same time, things can be, plus a little bit of intuition. What is the intuition? Intuition is a person’s knowledge and experience accumulated out of the judgment. So sometimes dare to believe that intuition! (this is the "mind reading detective" in Yao sir (Bowie Lam) on intuitive summary, very reasonable.

search module is born for the first class of users. The search results are accurate, comprehensive, directly determines whether the user retention and purchase orders. Therefore, you need to carefully test the search function is easy to use, for example, search for "LV", whether the search results displayed all the LV goods, if at the same time also shows the Calvin goods, you should as soon as possible to optimize.

simply means that from the -> into the shopping cart to confirm goods; -> fill in the delivery address -> payment, fill in the content should be simple, a few steps to the 3 steps to simplify, don’t make the 4 step, because every step will lose part of the user.

has recently been asked the most a problem, it is necessary to organize into an article to share. This is a new take on a website, not the arrival of a new electricity supplier website. Therefore, the default for the website has been operating for a period of time, historical data for reference.

second to observe what is the function and data search function is?.

for the user to enter the website, we roughly divide into two categories: the purpose and type of blind.

This is

in addition, through the analysis of station search number >

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