The four basic elements of the construction should follow the original content

first, the only element of the. Only, as the name suggests, is the content of your site in other places has not occurred. This is very easy to understand his intention to write articles, the intention to be the one and only, only also did not appear on the Internet, this characteristic, many webmaster to shoddy, false original when the original article released false original article in many paragraphs and sentences are others appeared before, such the article is not original, because the most basic elements of the original, they do not have.

second, correlation analysis of elements of website content. Correlation is theme content on your site and publish your article theme and website are inextricably linked, not only to the content and site theme related, to understand the intention of search engine users search match, such as your site is enterprise site, then according to their own us writing articles, these properties must focus on, such as the product characteristics, customer service service, product price, product classification is our consistent business standing theme, consistent with the user’s reading habits of good writing material, correlation is not only reflected in the text, it is more important and user tastes and needs of users is directly linked, written around the user needs and business services text, we require that the correlation between the.

we know that the content in the process of the construction of the website optimization is a very important link, then the content optimization whether there are rules to follow, according to the content of the construction? In fact has not been a unified standard, the current consensus is that the original and high quality is the key, in fact, in my opinion, the characteristics of the real high quality articles or have some basic principles, problems, and these features are you follow in the process of writing it, including those aspects? Well, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip.

fourth, the scarcity of content written by factors analysis. The optimization of the content of many times repeated and similar as their enterprise site can hardly be avoided, we focus on the field itself is relatively narrow, so during the writing process must take into account the scarcity of factors, if for some product information, the Internet caught a large of the characteristics of our products issued a similar article whose meaning is very low. "

third, the aging factor analysis information. Development of the Internet is very high for the effectiveness of the information requirements of a news event, we will with the fastest speed through your site update and release the information site for the effectiveness of the information requirements of the most prominent, the suggestion is that even if we can’t get a hand the information resources, we can through their own site editor for a hand to integrate resources, such as adding some of our views, adding some appropriate pictures, can indirectly to maximize the value of information display, so the author thinks that the effectiveness of the information content in the process of construction is the webmaster should think about.

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