The analysis of key indicators of PR output chain exchange is easy to ignore in our values

is another key is the chain of garbage. In today’s network environment, the chain is a disaster caused by flooding water. We were just beginning to do some manual is still quite satisfactory, but also gradually find a rule, the chain is the more you, your ranking will be, so what posting machine, what machine top posts are out, and now the Internet has also developed a number of domestic on behalf of the soft, PR draft team or organization and company group.

and above all to Shanghai dragon, in order to rank in order to flow, there is a person in so doing, all people will do, you do not you will die very quickly. So now the Internet a lot of garbage, a get out of hand.

love the Shanghai Raiders of the anti spam, more to the user experience in shoes, hoping to give the user return >

so many websites to copy a lot of content to fill their own website, but also find a lot of content is the same, so the pseudo original also came into being, but early is the title used changed, and some change, this kind of article a lot came out, and then feel it too simple, but also, can use the machine to replace the manual, what the pseudo original tools, collector batch out, this is more simple, collecting large quantities of on the site with the collector, a few mouse clicks, tool replacement synonym upset paragraph structure, such as a new line you can easily create a website of minutes to tens of thousands of articles pseudo original articles. Spam was created

contact with the industry also has a couple of years, I have a deep feeling for me every day in the manufacture of garbage, really, it is compelling, because others are doing, you do not you will be left behind, just like the children in the circle with excellent. The garbage contents mentioned in the Web2.0 anti spam Raiders love Shanghai will be judged, we have done is to rank, in order to flow at all to drill this loophole.

if you have this experience, when you search in Shanghai love a thing or a problem, return the results are often not satisfactory, some are in the advertisement, some is a more wide of the mark, hoplinks. Now the network really is filled with too much junk.

for the love of Shanghai issued by the Web2.0 anti spam strategy aimed at combating those who constantly spamming Shanghai dragon, although I also do Shanghai dragon, it would also increase the difficulty for our future work, but I love Shanghai this practice or deep sympathize.

I think we are not to do, but love yourself to these holes in Shanghai forced us to do so, because we have found some rules, is more of a website, the more will be included, ranking will be better; the more external links to a web site, ranking will be better.

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