Website optimization entry series the construction site do not blindly

network company has more than four years, hundreds of people contact the needs of various websites, including that PHP is better than ASP people accounted for a large part of people, they also think that.Net and JSP are more advanced. If the technical difficulties, I would not deny and refute. But the difficulty is not high point of the technology is good, they must be suitable for their own! A lot of people doing a very simple site, even there is almost no what website but deliberately asked the producers must for their own use, so a certain technology database, it is my opinion, this is a completely misunderstanding, I feel very absurd! Like the aircraft flying in the sky with high-tech navigation, so we go to work when you want a satellite to navigate, isn’t it ridiculous? I think the website what programming language should conform to the actual situation, to look at their website what is the nature of the site, there is no need to use some programming techniques. If only the general enterprise website I think ASP is a little better! No matter from the reaction speed or from the security point of view backup is a good choice; if we are to do an industry portal, so we can choose to PHP or.Net program, the two procedures are generally matched MySQL and MSSQL database, comparison for the data storage and the safety performance of long; and if the financial website can also choose the JSP programming language.

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first, PHP is better than ASP?.net is a more advanced

Chinese love fun to drive, love with assimilation. This is not a fallacy, and in the Internet industry also has the most incisive embodiment of

this article I want to write a long time ago, today finally have time to begin. Today I talk about something that we do must be carried out before the construction site selection, and your choice is right? I would say my opinion

second, div+css is better than table

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almost all people think that div+css is better than table, why? In fact, mainly to the search engines to confuse, since some people say div+css to the search engine friendly, will get good rankings, almost all of the Shanghai dragon are crazy worship div+css er. But they did not consider their own conditions. Even some websites regardless of their own technology can achieve what kind of level, resolutely abandoned the table layout, use div+css to reconstruct the site, the code is very messy, an effect to use N div kept in the set to set to. This div what people can see is garbage. We have to mention the div technology level of things, I always do not understand is that the search engine is really like div and hate table? This is all in the.


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