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do business friends all know, do not underestimate the role of customer service shop. Electricity supplier customer service through its unique content, but also through sales and service can determine the success or failure of the market. General shop customer service work flow is: reception, inquiry, introduction, solutions, and customer service reminder.

1, reception

purpose: fast response, good service attitude, a high degree of professionalism, enhance the user experience, to create a relaxed, pleasant shopping atmosphere.

note: (1) automatic reply as little as possible or not, because it is too long will make people unhappy, even without a look; (2) the user as a friend, and good communication and exchange, is a young girl, communicate more freely, and more common language.

2, ask

purpose: in fact, it is the process of mining user needs, through the inquiry to understand what users want to buy, what they like, why buy and other information, that is, to master the main process of user needs.

note: (1) naturally ask, pay attention to the way, do not be too eager, aggressive, make people uncomfortable, let the user feel you care about her not to sell things and ask; (2) the inquiry process allows users to feel to her attention, she said to repeat the words.

3, introduction

purpose: to meet the needs of users, to provide appropriate choices and services.

note: (1) here mentioned above said professional problem, must know all the products shop customer service, communication, and user can ease the introduction, easy; (2) in the user shilly-shally, recommended the higher price of products (not more than that, in order to raise the price and profit); (3) master the communication process and rhythm, users don’t say customer service on recommendation 4, paragraph 5, this situation will scare away part of the user, also recommended too much also increased the difficulty of choice;

4, answer

purpose: to answer questions, dispel doubts, eliminate doubts, improve conversion rate.

note: (1) pay attention to attitude, users have doubts and misgivings is normal, but it is a tedious process, so need patient communication, stand thoroughly tempered (2) solutions; some users asked, really do not know, do not understand, you can go to solve puzzles, but some the user is tentative doubts, show some doubts, "you this bag is really leather? It looks good fake ah, like this is suspected, there is distrust of the store, so we should pay attention to choose the way; (3) summarizes the skills of answering questions, such as the language of light communication can not achieve the effect, can take the reference links, pictures, Wikipedia, user evaluation and other ways to increase the burden of persuasion, customer service need continuous learning and improvement.

5, call


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