What do you think of the webmaster A5 forum signature is missing

algorithm to love Shanghai?

, a forum signature effect although slow, but to the high quality of the replies will not be deleted, can ensure the timeliness, forum and posting replies are very important, don’t always send top, write good these words, the appropriate answer and the related content, for the Forum on the plate, the article not only included high weight, fast.

today, A5 forum to remove the character signature, originally forum signature, soft, the chain, the chain of several blogs, today lost a loss of A5, especially the forum signature, the signature of major Webmaster Platform removed, what is the impact on the optimization of the webmaster? What do you think of the signature

> ?

many webmaster webmaster forum as the exchange of technology, plus the A5 forum has high weight and traffic in Shanghai, is the ideal place to do outside the chain, today that A5 blocked signature, this statement has no signature information, as a webmaster forum leader, conform to the change of love Shanghai algorithm also, the webmaster should change according to the

has been the webmaster think optimization is standing outside the chain, think outside the chain, the website ranking will go up, a few years ago love Shanghai algorithm is that, now the algorithm has been in constant change, not only to outside the station, the station optimization become heavy, the chain only a supporting role, how to do the standing outside the chain, remove the A5 signature, the chain after the signature information do? The webmaster should on the problem how to see


two. There are many advantages of the BBS signature, grasp the forum signature rules, may supplement the chain website, you can also pass the high weights for not included plate or website, the website can be included to accelerate.

love Shanghai webmaster Lee April 25 published judgment chain cheating method, the webmaster blind, free platform was outside the chain is not much, now love Shanghai and removed the forum signature, also listed him to cheat in the algorithm, therefore, is always affected by people love the A5 forum signature is also removed. Is the first to follow the signature chain first Webmaster Platform, it allows to BBS signature as the webmaster who lost major chain resources. Also on the site outside the chain optimization blind.

love Shanghai Lee clear chain forum is a kind of cheating, it will have a negative impact on the site, many webmaster forum talking about whether the signature has come to an end, especially the most influential forum in A5 today officially canceled the forum signature.

since June 28th of last year, Shanghai to love is always in the algorithm adjustment, said the forum replies no effect, but also is the webmaster forum replies, but there is not much impact on the website, but let the ranking rose. In general, the forum signature has a certain effect on the site optimization, its effect is not lower than the forum signature, see what are the forum signature on the website.

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