How to do WordPress optimization of Shanghai Dragon four URL optimizing

ignored URL optimizationI

URL setup error will be judged as cheating website

read here, I believe we are in a hurry, then the following URL optimization scheme I will give you a set of WordPress:

for the optimization of URL has a point: other optimization can be in no hurry to do, but the URL must start to do site optimization.

what does that mean? It means that if your site didn’t do URL optimization, and then on the URL website to change when the search engine will think you site was originally all the pages have been deleted, and the emergence of a large number of duplicate pages, even will be judged as collection site! And search engine for the sudden large 404 page collection site and blow is very strict, as long as you do not change the URL, then your website will lead to crowning calamity.

3, directory aliases to take short: as I optimized website, will directory aliases have control:

how to do URL optimization?

why, because the URL structure is the most clear and brief, someone may ask, why should URL as short as possible? Oh, this is my wise remark of an experienced person when your URL, short, customers will be more likely to be memory; and in the promotion of the time, does not appear more than your text links promotion; believe you must have seen the Taobao links that a string of letters really annoying.

as everyone knows, the search engine is unique to URL’s judgment, that is to say, even if you are the same page, if you URL a bad sign, the search engine will think this is two completely different page.

2, No Category using WP Base: if you don’t use WP No Category Base plugin, URL will find more annoying /category characters, using the plug-in, will make this annoying symbols removed, but also you a simple URL. The plug-in installation: install the plug-in plug-in – background – – No Base – Category WP search to install now.

1, set a fixed link: enter the background – Settings – fixed links – common settings – Custom structure, modified for /%category%/%post_id%.html


use a lot of WordPress station were white after the establishment of a good blog, started happy to write articles, but I have to remind you of the kind you were white, in writing before, there is a good URL optimization? Do you know if URL is not good, will have much impact on the website of Shanghai dragon

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