Methods the purchase of the chain Links exchange the

3. chain

The content of the website

outside the chain of quality is also very important, we all know to find high weight links, but the chain is not necessarily ownership heavy high are here, we should pay attention to a few points:

link is particularly important, in the purchase of the chain, in order to ensure that every penny we spend the number of outbound links must be very fruitful, see the selected chain link, the more weight will be the site of the partition of the less. A PR7 station, if there are thousands of outbound links, the quality of the chain and we are in a high weight forum in a post about this, the chain is not worth buying. On the contrary, if PR3 is a small, but very few of the chain link, to bring you the benefits is in fact a lot of.

2. outbound links

I have to buy the chain in the chain A5 guarantee where to buy, a high degree of credibility, add links are fast. Exchange links can also be in the A5 forum to exchange the relevant section of Links, convenient and quick. We all know that the construction of website optimization, promotion of the chain is very important, whether it is for the link, or buy links, many people only pay attention to the PR value, that the higher the PR value, the chain quality is better, in fact, this is not entirely correct. As a new webmaster or personal webmaster, in the case of limited funds, it is necessary to more effectively do a good job of the construction of the chain, here I give everybody to share their effective method.


When we buy a

chain, to see this website is the number of Web sites in the same period of iP, which can analyze whether the web server can run steadily, can we buy a foreign.

is the chain, we first look at the chain to choose love Shanghai regardless of how the weight, change the chain or buy the chain, even if the PR value is not high, but we can love Shanghai weight, can consider the chain.

. Love Shanghai weight


in Chinese, Shanghai, love is the most widely used search engine, which is beyond doubt, and we do the promotion, the ranking is love Shanghai. Love to love Shanghai Shanghai weight in the first place, so that the light to see the PR value of the era has passed, "love" is a good website, we can use it to analyze the weight of Shanghai love their website.

two. Link quality

we are looking for the chain, must look at what is the content of the website, the "junk" website, even if we don’t want to give away. The chain selection of the best and your own website or the same line, such as my own website is an electronic commerce website, mainly do the copycat mobile phone, 4G mobile phone cool mall, I changed the basic links are related with mobile phone, or electronic commerce website. If the purchase of the chain, as far as possible to choose your web site or the content is the same.

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