On the website of Shanghai Longfeng should optimize new planning period will begin

Although there are a lot of fast! : a strategy of website structure optimizationAt present the mainstream

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how can develop a good website optimization strategy of Shanghai Longfeng construction period? The author of their own experience, summed up the four points below, the hope can help to prepare in the webmaster industry friends

two: Web site keywords optimization strategy


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site closed down every year, but this year seems to be more violent, according to the relevant statistics found that the number of Internet at the beginning of this year, the net outflow phenomenon has emerged, that is to say the number of enterprises engaged in the Internet become less, it shows a lot of site failures faster than the speed of the new station building even a lot of people! According to this phenomenon, that a new round of Internet winter is coming! But for many friends, whether it is the Internet winter or spring, the new station or to do, but if you want to do the new success, it would have to advance the strategy of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, early in the construction site the need to make use of the wisdom of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so that it may be in the intense competition, blaze a new trail

website construction is completed through the CMS station system, and a lot of today’s CMS system website structure optimization is quite good, so a lot of people directly to the CMS system to take over! If this a few years ago, seems to have what problem, but now the similar CMS system the site is too much, if you do not make a feature, there is no better structure optimization, it is difficult to so in the early talent shows itself, to improve the website structure optimization, the author is from the website name and website of physical and logical structure, physical structure of the tree structure, the directory contains all in a master directory; and the station layout logic structure, through layers of breadcrumbs, let the spider to crawl your site

experience is diversified to the chain, there is a long-term correlation, many of my friends think that the chain site and related to multiple, it seems a bit contradictory, but if you think about it, in fact, this contradiction.

in the construction site, keyword optimization strategy is very important, only the development of good keywords, can combine keywords to create more high-quality content, and the author’s experience is the core keywords and long tail keywords complement each other, to complete the optimization of the key words, their website mainly embodies the core keywords, at the same time, the channel on the home page, as far as possible through the long tail keywords to name this weight but also can enhance the long tail keywords, and the content is a combination of keywords to creation! So as to ensure there is a correlation between the core content and site keywords! In the content distribution, update the rules from the beginning to the good content! It will help improve the keywords ranking

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