Love Shanghai news source cancellation announcement interpretation


, further to the high-quality original site provides a chance to show love, Shanghai will crawl on the whole network of high quality data, the system will automatically judge, display of quality content in news retrieval and timeliness.

6, I wish to apply for the qualification of VIP site, what are the requirements?

news search:

In the

recent love Shanghai news source ("news source to cancel the VIP Upgrade Notice") has aroused a lot of attention of webmaster, school invited the moderator left to answer of doubt.

VIP Shanghai Webmaster Platform love club is designed for high quality site launched, provide the club hierarchy love Shanghai quality resources and privileges services. After the upgrade, the original quality timeliness site open VIP Club application site to join VIP club, VIP club will enjoy one-stop services such as five privileges.

4, what will show in

no, the timeliness of the content quality of the whole network, have the opportunity to show, but only part of the high quality original news source station invited settled VIP club, a non VIP site is still displayed in the timeliness, news retrieval opportunity.

card?The upgrade of

VIP service can see ("Webmaster Platform VIP club service upgrade")

after the upgrade, the same love Shanghai news search display form, love Shanghai search timeliness card display page will not change, but these data show content will become more open, no longer adhere to the source of the news limited. High quality original content site output, no longer need the news source for love Shanghai system from the site content, quality, user experience and other dimensions of automatic judgment, and the quality of content display.


2, what is the VIP?


time display effect:


network quality timeliness content has the opportunity to search technology to determine quality content will be displayed.

?Cancel the

3, my site is not news source site, and the opportunity to show the effectiveness of the



Before The news search?The whole Cancel

is not only VIP site will show to the timeliness of news retrieval and

1, why do you want to cancel the news source

news source, is actually an upgrade and open love Shanghai technology. Now can be realized through technology of the whole network quality content judgment, so that more excellent content can be user browsing and retrieval, by contrast, simply to news sources included as part of high quality content standards will make no way to show to the user’s face.

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