The construction and optimization of aquatic sites breeding professional and amateur Shanghai dragon

content we have to make the website Lohan example, all users care about Lohan, Lohan’s illness and death, including breeding, landscaping, various lines of difference and so on, are not breeding sites let the content when the content meets the optimization, we need to consider "the eye-catching" and "value", "smart" that a user can obtain main information, and are attracted to these information, the "usefulness value" that information to users.

to Lohan culture exchange website for example, "Lohan type", "how to raise ocean fish", "Luo Hanyu’s favorite what", "Lohan much start", "Lohan how to change the water" and other specific issues can be laid on the cultivation of website content construction, website optimization these short sentences, is an excellent "keyword" option.

Website Optimization: fine content + unremitting efforts

The construction of

so, fish aquarium forum, or a kind of communication Lohan’s website, the website construction and optimization of breeding sites other than the need to consider a "pet" and "interest" construction. And for the aquarium website construction and optimization, flower horn forum believes that the culture content within the site need professional knowledge, website optimization, Shanghai dragon is generally an amateur level can be.

whether it is in the form of a forum or in the form of construction of aquatic web portal, the content of the overall grasp is on the one hand, on the other hand, it also needs to consider the contents of the layout, the fish friends enter the site at the beginning of the first impression of the website is very important, but one eye can get information needed for ocean fish breeding, concern is, at first glance over and add a few official authority, the credibility of the brand.


structure of the site, the chain is not an expert to say what a >

the spirit of continuous efforts, mainly refers to the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon said, said complex optimization detail, but change from heart, Shanghai dragon is looking for keywords, links by all means let the search engine to find your technology.

aquarium a class support, breeders and buyers all can become a "fish", is playing the fish friends, with a "play" the word was largely defined "aquarium pets" status, this is also the case with most breeders are the fish lovers.

content: pet with livestock and

fish eat, live, breeding and health related issues through ocean fish life, namely the language of grain and water environment such as water temperature, start and breeding and diseases diagnosis is the key content of the website content.

is not Shanghai Longfeng specialist, so the website optimization also there is no awareness of professional website optimization, but as an operation for many years, Lohan spent forum site participants from Shanghai dragon fish friends hobby and amateur level, the optimization of the site is well done by content, have sustained efforts spirit.

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