The case analysis to see how the construction of the chain and keywords

from the Shanghai love included the content, the content of this site no features, through observation, the content should be related to product evaluation from Taobao. Based on the optimization of the internal excessive, each article is 200-300 words, found an article that appeared keyword frequency was as high as 10%.

first, the primary search keywords, we can see that the keyword has been ranked in the fifth Shanghai Shanghai love, but love their own content, after vancl. After a period of time, the website ranked second, second only to change the word love Shanghai.


)In this paper, by



further analysis of the outer chain, can be said that there is no bright spot, a variety of sources and ask (love Shanghai know little, are all the other inquiry platform), message board and link exchange platform, link query, forum signature etc.. And Links 6. A maximum of PR4, one of the 2, the other did not pr. In the keyword distribution, keyword density is very high.

more than a month ago, when I started off Taobao, found a more bullish website, the station for 2 months and 17 days, in a few keywords index 300-800 between a ranking, another index about 500 words, even on the first page of love Shanghai second. I put this site information to share with you.

analysis of the anti chain, at first glance a lot number, the number has reached 25000, but careful observation of their anti chain sources, from 65 a domain name.


we look at the web site history, as of 08-12, domain name age only 2 months and 17 days, from the first collection, the site began in June 2nd included the home page. To prove the site age not very long.

finally mention to enter the website, may jump directly to Taobao, this may be the Taobao off method. From this website, love Shanghai algorithm eventually clever enough, the chain is still useful enough, even if only you in the chain of garbage. Secondly, keyword density problem, don’t need more than 3% did not like some Shanghai dragon Er recently recognized. (this Tucao, some people, some groups to understand a little bit when his master, I a day because the content of the relationship between the keyword density to 3.1%, a master directly under the conclusion that I did not understand the Shanghai dragon, ha ha.

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