Regularly check your website ranking drop to prevent

search ranking after all, is the search engine to the website to show the most valuable content to the user, rather than SPAM (search spam)! Regularly add original content and website, high content, make the search engine to determine the site theme, and thus enhance the website ranking.

Three, the use of external call

site traffic from search engines, can account for more than 70%, but the ranking is not stable problem is a headache. When you try to optimize the site after the top back in time, do not be careless, because it is likely to change the influence of external factors or love Shanghai algorithm, cause your website plummeted. Always check their site in Shanghai Longfeng more conducive to the stability of the ranking does not change radically. The following share several commonly used methods of their own.

site map


when we create web pages, usually avoid using JavaScipt, this is because regardless of experience or a search engine to the user, he is not very friendly. So far, the search engine does not parse the JS generated pages and content, and the JS code is complex and lengthy, the efficiency is much lower than HTML, to open the pages of time is very slow.

original articles, can increase website key matching degree and density, and improve the value of the site. Regularly update the original article can play a very good effect, increase the amount collected.

check your website on CSS and JS is not already package, reduce the amount of code on the page to grab the spider, complex code for search engines are not friendly. Spider wanted to crawl is content rather than lengthy code.

, check the website structure and increase the original article ratio of

high quality of the chain is a necessary condition for a good website ranking, a high quality of the chain is far greater than 10 garbage outside the chain, so that the quality of the chain is very important to be patient. Only the long-term effective outside the chain, the site’s ranking can significantly improve.

Div+CSS structure of the site although more standardized and conforms to the W3C standard, but do not DIV nesting is too deep, too deep to hinder spider guild. Let users with minimal clicks into the page, a search engine can be better included in the page, on the other hand, enhance the user experience.

> By increasing the proportion of Two,

site map can lead to a spider crawling website, generally less pages can be directly used online tools to generate. For more columns, site map is particularly important, can help the inside pages included more fully. And the site map to be updated frequently, resulting in frequent spider frequent, then climb to the deep page, this will make the site in the search engine as a whole.

four, check inside and outside the chain chain

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