ndia electricity supplier competition suddenly warming Amazon plus 2 billion investment

Tencent in India science and technology news in July 30th, the largest domestic e-commerce website Flipkart announced $1 billion financing to absorb the day after the time, the U.S. e-commerce giant Amazon quickly announced Wednesday, the company will provide an additional $2 billion investment in the India market, in order to let yourself in India but gradually formed the rapid growth of Electronic Commerce on the market, the rapid promotion of competitiveness.

Amazon began in June last year in the India market opened e-commerce sites, and by cutting prices, launched the same day delivery service, increase the types of new products and the launch of high strength advertising activities and other measures to implement their own electricity supplier in India market competition strategy.

data show that India’s current e-commerce market size of about $13 billion. Amazon and Flipkart now have joined the market, in addition, India e-commerce website Snapdeal, Shi Shangpin retailer Jabong, and global e-commerce giant eBay are also in the race for the India electronic commerce market.

for the additional $2 billion investment in a business, Amazon CEO Geoff · Bezos (Jeff Bezos) said in a statement: "with the additional $2 billion investment, our team will be able to continue to consider innovative measures in large scale, and enhance the level of customer service in India. According to the current size and growth rate, India will become the fastest growing market for our company, can increase our gross income of $about 1000000000."

Amazon had been not disclose their investment plans and related information, but in India, starting this Monday, Amazon announced that the company will enhance their influence in the India market, for example, to open five storage center, which will be the company doubled in the storage capacity of India city field, up to 500 thousand square feet.

retail consultancy Wazir Advisors executive director Shakhane Hamming de · (Harminder; Sahani) said: "the next few decades, India’s electricity market will depend on which companies create scale growth faster, and what the company can maintain their influence."

Amazon in India market revenue, mainly through the use of third party suppliers to charge different products of the company website sales 17 million, third party suppliers of these sales on Amazon’s products include books, electronic products and clothing etc.. India e-commerce market is growing rapidly, according to consultancy Digital – Commerce, India mobile Internet association and India market Agency Bureau jointly issued a report, India current e-commerce market compound annual growth rate of 34%. However, this rate is still lower than other emerging markets, such as China, etc.. Data from Technopak, a consultancy, shows that in the $13 billion e-commerce market in India

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