Shanghai Longfeng Optimization avoid blind optimization

in the company engaged in network promotion for a long time, feeling very tedious work every day is very boring, is nothing more than a platform to promote the blog, forums, QQ, micro-blog etc.. For a long time the effect is not obvious, ups and downs in the fall in love with the sea ranking, it seems a lot of tips online also has to go through the website and their combination, and then optimization, optimization of the blind cannot, if blind optimization, you may under the effort is not small, but the effect is not very good.

the word, "think twice", "thinking and then set", to search engine optimization, but that’s not the point.

I have regularly send blog, blog from the Internet to know about such a concept, do a lot of blogs, every day to release some news on the website, but just updating it? Our website web standard network and have a lot of blogs, but in many small and medium-sized spiders often blog how much do the crawl, climb from the high frequency? It needs us to study well, targeted to update the promotion. One blog, love the latest Shanghai crawl time is 11 02–12, so this blog is to do so in a sense, but love is the latest Shanghai crawl time is also stuck in 10.05.22, this blog to continue operating the significance is not great, because spiders are small the first half did not come to your blog, then the role of blogs on the site is almost equal to zero. Of course, after the release of some original articles of words, it is possible to be saved.

finally, the source can be through the statistical tool to view the web site visitors, such targeted promotion than blindly promotion is much better.

second, although the network popularization personnel every day in the forum post, every day we will post replies in some weight high website, use the signature to increase the conspicuous backlinks website, although love Shanghai will also be included, but if the more you love Shanghai that your website is rubbish the website, also not be collected again. By recording their own experience to write some original articles to join the site links in the post, after waiting for love again in Shanghai included other forums reproduced, so bring better than pure advertisers is much better. Use the forum posting replies that we must grasp the scale, remember not to copy paste replies.

source: Web standard network, please indicate the source, thank you

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