About the interests and values of people turned to the owners Shanghai Longfeng staff suggestions

the story of Chu and I think we have seen Xiang Yu such a "why education" of the people will lose to a ruffian Liu Bang? Xiang Yu. A man called Han, Han said to Xiang Yu, if you can get me good, you can get the world. Xiang Yu did not believe that, without you I’m not the world, he won’t reuse hanshin. Han Xin was frustrated in the hands of Xiang Yu, so he went to seek refuge (rival) Liu Bang Liu Bang, this person was not what culture, estimation now have not graduated from primary school, but Liu Bang has a characteristic, as long as this man is talented, he must reuse. Later, Han Xin went to the Liu Bangdong human nature, he knew the man.


have some familiarity with my friends will know, before I was in drains into the Netconcepts, as the Shanghai dragon Consultant position, in the process of doing the Shanghai dragon I slowly discovered that we are doing things that are too limited, we will slowly become a frog in the bottom, can only see the film my sky. That is, knowing some Shanghai Dragon Technology and some of the so-called Shanghai Longfeng method does not improve our competitiveness of any occupation, contrary to some restrictions on us have the ability. You think you know the technology and principle, let a student, spend a few months time to train him, he must not do worse than you. That some people would say that I have experience ah, they have no experience, this is my advantage, but I say the truth, most experienced Shanghai dragon, or senior managers and not Shanghai Dragon technology how clever, not all have love like sea engineers like that the research on the algorithm and ranking mechanism thoroughly, but experienced Shanghai Longfeng people know how to sell, how to manage the team, how to build leadership.

many Internet companies spend lots of money to hire Shanghai Longfeng director, do you really think the director of Shanghai Longfeng technology has so profound? Frankly, even some consultants in Shanghai Longfeng canal into Mr. technology as his company, but why some people can be CEO? Some people can become the president of some? One can when the director? Because they can "fix", whether internal or customer team, they can through their years of training and persuasion, interpersonal relationship, sales ability to fix these people. These people than you and I both know more of humanity.

before the start of this topic, I first announced one thing, I will from the Internet to the field sales training, incentive and training industry, surely we have from my blog content orientation has what can be seen. Many people ask Yu Hao (Fimen) why do you want to leave this industry? Is this the prospect of the industry is not good? In fact, the Internet prospects are better than any other industry, Bill Gates said that the Internet is the biggest trend in twenty-first Century. So, I left the industry is not promising, not the treatment of the problem, but the problem of personal interests and values.

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