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products, enterprise website to bring the best search function, and to search out a list of pages for keywords polymerization and display optimization of Shanghai Longfeng (on demand, multi search page) and follow the change of user requirements, and constantly enrich the experience.

1, not only placed a simple products, increase product details parameters, application conditions and trial scope of partial information, more information can be added details page, put the hyperlinks in the product profile.

above is the Shanghai dragon Jones in recent years the enterprise website optimization work to summarize new, I have used this strategy achieve good effect of various types of station industry products are ranked Shanghai love the first three even to the enterprise in a project site, every day through the natural search traffic very much together. In my own website in Shanghai dragon has fully demonstrated, we can refer to.

5, the product category is the most popular recent long-term products, most popular products, most end users to buy products such as recommended links to give customers more choices. Not only conforms to the general user buying habits, can better enhance the site’s residence time and PV.


Jones Beijing Shanghai dragon www. Shanghai dragon qibing贵族宝贝 starting A5, please keep the

6, if the

3, increase the promotion or discount information links coming, can stimulate the demand is not very strong visitors to leave contact information, facilitate the enterprise sales colleagues followed closely tracking, reduce customer churn weak demand.

4, guestbook, old user comments, purchase orders and other information in the user, not only to new users more intuitively feel the effect of the product, and can effectively solve the problem of the old enterprise product page high similarity.

short, as long as the Shanghai dragon around the deep requirements of the customer on the product page issue, fully meet, will effectively promote the site to enhance the weight of the whole flow beyond the competitors also hope you Jones be nothing difficult, can get good results.

2, can increase the product before and after the side, local view, rich visitors sensory experience. Especially the local view, if looking for professional photographers beautifully (for example: some medical devices), will give visitors leave deep impression of the fine workmanship of enterprise products.


a lot of enterprise products, but the product page is often a very pale, plus a few words, very simple! According to Shanghai dragon Jones experience, if the enterprise can make the product page, will enhance the great weight and traffic to the site. It is necessary to develop ideas for Shanghai dragon, each product has its own characteristics, contributing to the website weight! Today, to how to make the product page share jones.


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