As the site optimization personnel should we do when confronted with the bottleneck of occupation

website optimization as everyone knows we are facing love Shanghai or Google and other search engines, these machines we program itself is not in direct communication with a website, especially in the process of optimization, the optimization problem, so many of my friends do, now I can not help but sigh, Shanghai dragon Er is a very suffering of occupation, face we have a bottleneck, how to respond? And peer chat last night in the group, with the technical content of adding more and more new occupation led to this increasingly reduced. From the exchange, we found a lot of people for a long time but is still the chain specialist, wages can not rise, in this case I think rather than complaining not as soon as possible to find a breakthrough, find their own problems is the key point to solve the bottleneck problem and the core point, good gossip short continued we enter today’s topic.

second, any work is hard to work hard spirit. Shanghai dragon in fact I think sometimes we can’t think of it as a repeat of the work, the author thinks that the process of Shanghai dragon is concluded that, to learn to form their own optimization idea, here is the most reliable way is to keep the entrepreneurial spirit is a must. In order to get the list of examples, we can with the greatest passion to go into it, can now pay prepayments, then we have to really go to work, website optimization is nothing less than the content and the chain, how the content over the competition, the quality of the chain you have effectively the construction of the chain channels themselves, although this is a problem but it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar go anywhere. As a person I think Shanghai Longfeng has been in the fight.

process first, clear understanding to the site optimization is changing to Shanghai dragon’s heart. Generally speaking in the confusion of a friend is actually working for now is not satisfied, can not effectively optimize analysis, resulting in optimization of passion has subsided, I think the first thing is to correctly understand the current Shanghai dragon industry, whether it is to do the construction of the chain, or website editing, repeat things must have occurred and continue to. But you calm down and think about it, that is not the case? In order to change the status quo must first adjust their psychological state, change love Shanghai algorithm is most of the time we are unable to grasp, which is why many people do not want to face the problem now. The author believes that the current Shanghai dragon will cost more and more high, the corresponding Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel salary rises in Shanghai increasingly difficult situation under the love I think is to adjust the attitude to do now, go to work now with positive thoughts, early preparation is the core, Shanghai dragon is a kind of means network marketing, how to find a more high-quality source of customers and we have a lot of methods to learn, to learn this knowledge. So, when you think of Shanghai Longfeng work is facing the bottleneck when you think about whether their ability remains to be improved? What is your problem or other problems?

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