A5 marketing Moumou Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis basis of preventing diagnosis scheme of enterprise w

1, home of banner flash, flash itself is a spider trap, not conducive to the spider crawling, the spider is not to understand the flash, is not recommended on the home page of the banner, can do a small flash if you. In addition the channel page and the inside pages are banner, our advice is to try to use.

recently, Shanghai love of the site right down, K station is very serious, many small and medium enterprises due to improper or excessive optimization optimization caused by the site right down, which also makes the small and medium-sized enterprise website from the bottom into the climax. The enterprise website is down right is a very troublesome thing, some can recover within a few days, but some did not recover in a short time, resulting in enterprise web site without the user, and products, information and service can not directly transfer to the user. Therefore, the Shanghai based Huang Zhong A5 marketing dragon diagnosed an electronic business website, the website based on the diagnosis after the rankings and the weight of recovered


4, website of computer radiation eliminator in the home after a period of time, falling to second

2, at the bottom of the page "navigation" are typical of the stack keywords, do not recommend such "navigation", we can do some help, contact center etc.. In addition to this love Shanghai "navigation" keyword stuffing very disgusting, suggest getting rid of or do we give advice.

clear: the title tag love Shanghai very seriously, keywords and description tags is not within the scope of the fall in love with the sea, but the description label to the user experience to help, so to take into account the user experience. Keywords > tag

site time: 2010

in accordance with the basic diagnosis made, channel page, page home page, the other part, the article also pointed out that some enterprise website often mistakes, resulting in increased weight ranking is not stable, unstable, often have the right to drop, so part of the business owners can according to the basic diagnosis at whether your website the same problem, if there is the suggestions to improve these shortcomings should not appear.



e-commerce website3, !The following is the author .




channel page with the page also has, it is recommended to remove kazakhstan.



, a home based diagnosis of

3, three labels appear serious keyword stuffing, and packing is very serious, we suggest to set up.

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