Discussion on how will be coming in a month and a half to weight flow

may be the results for many Shanghai dragon master a contemptuous disregard for me this, but the novice, I am very satisfied. Oh! Well, following my own 2 month website optimization experience and share with you, inadequacies also please correct me.

(the word in more than a month to home, the best time is the eighth home, love Shanghai because of the recent updates, lost a few, but the overall ranking is fairly stable, and continues to rebound.

to prepare a certain website before the line

most of the time when we build the site will ignore an important issue — the site for the record. If not for the record, the web server can be placed only in overseas. Overseas space, we should be better than I know, the server is not stable, if a web server is not stable, so his ranking and traffic is certainly not good. And now the site for the record time, need to temporarily shut down sites for half a month to a month, or even longer, and when the server is moved to the webmaster helpless, shut down after a period of time, included in the site, in the fall, a long time is not good recovery. Really worried! So the fundamental way to solve this problem is to prepare the case before the line on the website or buy ready case domain, reduce the losses caused by the site for the record. But there is no ready case of the webmaster, do not worry, depressed, love Shanghai has closed station protection measures, you can record your site during the temporary closure of the index of this web site, rankings and included will not have much impact, only.

: a case of






earlier this year because has been unable to find suitable work at home, eating the old two months. I have been wondering, not always at home eating the old ah, then go to the friends listen to their advice, this job. Listen to my friend, said, I know there is a network optimization company, you can go to learn network optimization ah, then your keywords optimization up, don’t do the bidding, can hold a lot of business. Our many manufacturers are beginning to use this way, promotion of low cost, good results. I feel really good to listen. So in 3.30, pay two thousand dollars, officially began my trip to Shanghai dragon. 15 days after the end of the course, at this time, my website is also up. Up to now 2 months, weight 1. key 2. love Shanghai love Shanghai is expected to flow 13 thesaurus, and an index of less than 300 words immediately to the home page. See below. (one and a half months when the love of Shanghai weight 1, key 1 is expected to flow into 5 thesaurus, but at that time, save the screenshot accidentally deleted, so upload 2 months of screenshots, oh, absolutely true, you don’t doubt!

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