Three enlightenment Yuan Fang brings to network marketing personnel

to a network marketing personnel:

1, through marketing


of course, after the Yuan Fang fire, immediately out of several network marketing company claims that this is their plan. One can know this thing with the Internet companies had nothing, whether today’s Fang Yuan, or the Jia Junpeng, users are the spontaneous formation of celebrities.

Since the micro-blog


to do a good job of leveraging the need to develop their own marketing, the sensitivity to the market. Often see as many Internet marketers, Shanghai dragon Er, but not a micro-blog, only know that every day outside the chain, the content in this field, I am afraid it is difficult to have a breakthrough. We are the popular trend of the network.

remember a few years ago the Jia Junpeng classmates? The grassroots people to do the magic is the marketing personnel, make people feel more intimate and attractive.


after the incident, the network companies on the market sensitive immediately jumped out on this matter for. It is not true, at least for the company’s customers, for those "network ignorance" of the senior staff, this is a successful self marketing.

since the birth of the Internet, but also enhance the propagation speed of several steps. Although many users have not seen Di Renjie this drama, but to understand as much as the Yuan Fang Department of costume drama. For a time, Yuan Fang you to see how this is used for various occasions?. Fang Yuan, Yuan Fang said that the micro-blog and so on, let the Yuan Fang quickly became the hottest figures this year.

love Shanghai index data, can clearly see that Yuan Fang came as a new Hollywood blockbuster, index rose rapidly in a short period of time. Not like the movie as multi-faceted hype, only the use of a press release, a communication tool (micro-blog). What time is the rise of the Yuan Fang, the first should be a news release of "NetEase Fujian news on Fujian Quanzhou downtown high-rise fall a female" everyone has a broken leg, curiosity in the network, so the news headlines attracted a lot of attention, micro-blog mobile phone party party. This news release time and broadcast time is Di Renjie. The first comment is: Yuan Fang, how do you see? A ripple, this comment immediately attracted many users sought.

from the development process of the entire event Yuan Fang, no famous Yuan Fang is not coincidental, just the sympathy. From a bizarre miserable event started, just after the dee TV series, just encountered the first comment users. Cause a lot of success is not a factor, but many factors agree without prior without previous consultation.

2, with fashion trends

3, users always pay attention to the trend of

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