The Shanghai dragon in the enemy awareness

any industry, the enemy, baizhanbudai the soldier it is suitable, which naturally includes the Shanghai dragon in this industry, but this sentence for the Shanghai dragon industry is particularly applicable, a qualified Shanghai er must be done a dragon know this sentence.

so far, optimization has entered a bottleneck period, at this time, more attention should be paid to the station optimization, to see how the website structure of competitors, what station update, this time is not irritable, or do as follow the prescribed order, soon, you will find that the project will break through the bottleneck, optimization of success.

analysis, and then according to sum up the first stage optimization, this time is to understand the opponent, the opponent’s imitation process lasted so few weeks, will find the ranking naturally came up, the next thing to do is to keep adding, this time or to follow up the opponent, look what follow-up, this stage do also includes some editing Wikipedia, although this is difficult, but it is still possible by, then is the love of Shanghai library, know some quiz platform, these are the chain weight high, with optimizing the effect will be better.

started to receive a project, always eager, but don’t worry, look at what is the core keywords to optimize your love, then Shanghai, in the top 5 sites were analyzed, including the Shanghai Longfeng level, web site keywords and scale, establishment time, the PR value, this is the basic analysis, and then look at the site, 2 of the top domain, look at the chain is what type of industry is B2B website, the chain classification information, or knowledge quiz platform, Post Bar forum signature like, then the number of the chain, the more the ranking the higher? Or not, in short, is a variety of foreign chain, quantity to do a detailed analysis, optimization of each industry after all suitable or slightly different.

this is just recently some feelings of their own, hoping to help the webmaster, the webmaster (www.chinaqinggong贵族宝贝) Juwei Mai magicv original, respect the original, reproduced please keep the link.

received an optimization project, an optimization project has been successfully optimized up to a project in the whole process, the enemy throughout, and optimization techniques have been looking for this industry from each other there. Today, I will talk about the details of how to do the enemy, imitate each other in the whole process, and then all the time.


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