The new station without the WWW domain name appears in the snapshot

4. website template is before the network marketing skills blog template, on the line after a series of code optimization and user experience optimization, server stability and open speed, love Shanghai every time to successfully grab.

5. for the site added love Shanghai love Shanghai statistics and sharing tools, updated daily articles are shared to the sharing platform, increase your exposure rate, timely production site map to facilitate the search engines crawl.


2. new sites are generally not www new snapshot, on a reason in Canada, and I analyze the web log, the spider to love Shanghai more diligent, so there will be a snapshot.

3. railway station is to go to some high quality weight forums outside the chain, such as the Shanghai love Wikipedia entry links, as well as A5, a push that network owners to contribute, and leave the address, let the spider crawl frequently updated by. In this article we now see is I in November 10th November 12th released regularly written in advance.

basically can think so much, because it is the first time encounter this kind of situation, so the above is only personal speculation, remains to be further confirmed, want a snapshot of the site and included can be up to normal as soon as possible. What if you have a better suggestion, you can communicate at any time.

1. the weight of new high to fall in love with the sea, and I was from the railway station has been insisting on time every day to update the original article, has never been interrupted, relatively good quality, meet the love of spiders in Shanghai taste, estimation of the reasons for this will be more.

website officially began to visit has a full 12 days, the domain name is registered in October 15, 2011, the record for a period of time, and some details of the optimization of the site so it is officially launched in November 1st. Line 3 days after Shanghai began to love your home, included snapshot has remained in November 4th, but today when the check chain suddenly found without www domain appeared in the snapshot, a photo card:

although we say that now in love with sea to the new weight is very high, but also not the snapshot, but the snapshot is not with the WWW domain name, not to mention I was to do a 301 redirect, directional will not bring WWW to the WWW domain name. After a search, I summed up the following reasons:

6. website in the domestic space, open speed, and after the filing, personally think that the reason for this is only a small part of the speculative.

the network marketing skills of Li Xiaopeng’s blog (贵族宝贝xpsem贵族宝贝) original, welcome friends Bozhuan., please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation.

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