The Shanghai Shanghai dragon love share chain skills

3, we do not want to see the effect of share or outside the chain of the current query, some of the platform shows no effect after it was not representative of the Shanghai, such as love, if you real friends is much, the effect is good, such as the origin of Shanghai Longfeng a forum to share the latest as follows:

This is a map of the

4 tools, since it is a tool, we can use some skills in the intelligent sharing, after all, a lot of people are very lazy. For example, Shanghai love share themselves have a "shared" function, can share a key to many communities, so can not use automatic posting to automatically share, after posting automatically share to many communities? Ha ha, this function can be realized, such as sharing Bshare provides more key, seemingly a key to share.

1, to find the most suitable share platform. Share the purpose is to direct traffic or bring the chain, for many platforms can also bring effect, and for some platforms may not bring what. Then we should regularly analyze the data, to see what is effective, which is invalid, which has good effect, which effect is poor, so we can concentrate on doing the most effective share.

effect we just test, love Shanghai because it is a real account, the other is not a true account share, so the difference is very big, so we suggest to share good stuff when using the real account sharing, so as to have a good real effect.

love Shanghai sharing is a social sharing platform polymerization, there are a lot of social sharing platform, we can use this tool is very easy to transfer to other content on the platform, the platform to share with friends and followers, it can not only bring traffic directly to the site, is also a major increase the way of the chain and skills. Then use love Shanghai to share the chain what skills?

2, which is the best platform outside the chain, how should I do? According to our observation and summary, Tianya forum and love Shanghai for Post Bar chain effect is best, especially if there come, intends to release good content and not be deleted if each content can have close to 100 chain. (because of his content will be a lot of people gathering) for the chain, the effect is very good, but I love Shanghai and Post Bar is also very easy to delete the administrator, see your post is advertising. In general, we can use some simple techniques to avoid, first published content slightly longer, contains pictures or video, so as to increase the sense of reality, the administrator is generally not removed; second is to increase the amount of moderation, such as not appearing on the screen of 2 or more of your posts or share. You will not be suspected of malicious share; third, not only in a forum or Post Bar only external share and no internal posting, increase credibility.


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