CBC and many other com cn domain paralysis CNNC avoid

Author: Zhang Zhiyuan

      pcpop.com information channel in May 23rd this morning, pcpop.com information channel received friends broke the news, said a number of.Com.cn domain name suffixes include industrial and commercial bank, China YAHOO, car home, the site has been unable to open. After verification, the existence of such phenomena. Pcpop.com information channel first time to contact the root of the.Com.cn domain name service provider China Internet Information Center CNNIC for questioning, but was told that these questions are all two service providers under the CNNIC analytical problem, a problem should first find two service providers.

      this morning, ICBC (www.icbc.com.cn), car home (http://s.www.autohome.com.cn/).Com.cn domain name suffix website cannot open the phenomenon, to browse the majority of Internet users caused great inconvenience. According to the display is the server domain name resolution problems. But CNNIC believes that the website.Com.cn DNS domain name suffix problems should be responsible for the first two level domain name service provider under the CNNIC root name servers and two resolution two level domain name service provider’s server, this problem should appear on the two server. If the two service providers can not solve the problem, will be resolved by CNNIC.

      in the country, because the domain name led to the site of the loss of things happen every year, but there is no body to bear the financial responsibility of this industry has not stopped the controversy.

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