Ye Jun domain name selection techniques and effect on Shanghai Dragon

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in Shanghai dragon is the site of the domain name and other important elements like Shanghai dragon, will affect the ranking. It is a test of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon are words in the top five sites in each domain, well-known sites often use Shanghai Longfeng words in the two level domain name, of course Chinese search engines love Shanghai has little effect in the Chinese above. So if it is English website, if your company is ABC, but the main business is DEF, it is best to use DEF like domain name, not ABC. The specific name of the product in the domain can often get good rankings.

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4. Some numbers and letters are very similar, such as O and 0, 1 and l, you should know that the user does not pay attention to these details.


of course, the domain name is a strategy of Shanghai dragon, and the choice of the domain name is not the most important, but it still has a certain impact on the Shanghai dragon, so if you can, one of the factors to spend time in the domain name is the success of the site. If the domain name can attract users, but also contribute to the ranking of search results, it should be through a number of ways to buy.

The domain name

How to choose the Select the

3. choose贵族宝贝 domain name. Now a lot of domain name suffix, but贵族宝贝 domain name is always the best choice. The first user, COM domain name is very natural, and the other is the domain name to bother to deliberately memory. But other domain name will search rankings in the back, that you set aside other domain name data in search engine results in the amount of贵族宝贝 is quite small.


1. domain name must be short. The domain name is too long to cause spelling mistakes, let people take advantage of, if not your super fans, users will not spend too much time to write down your name. Especially can spell Lenovo and Toshiba English might account for less than half of the China.

2. special symbols. If you love the people do not make domain name registration, registration of a bar or underline domain name, if you often surf the Internet, you will find that there will be a well-known domain of these symbols.

Try to avoid English digital mixed

website sometimes is a big problem. In the choice of domain name when a lot of people love with company name, personal name or related words or phrases, but they don’t consider the influence of Shanghai dragon, select the domain name and website content are closely related.

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