Keywords reverse optimization play page weight loop transfer power

most of the time in order to reduce the weight of the pressure transfer home can keep part of the chain to the other page. A lot of examples here, for example, you can see the B2B website is like a Alibaba or 58 city, or a few well-known portals (NetEase) channel page arrangement Links position, such benefits can make the weight chain given directly to the channel page.

in December last year, a friend of a new online less than 1 a month, want to buy dozens of the chain, looking for me to check, the 20 PR4 and PR5 combination of the chain. The second day I asked him what to put keywords, after he had been on the chain link keywords and corresponding URL to me, I suddenly stupid: he put the chain 20 noble baby weight PR4PR5 all put to the website homepage. I said to him will not be too fierce, and one-time up directly to the home page, K is a great possibility. I advised him to leave a portion to the channel page, buy the chain is to quickly improve your weight, and the weight of the website can also transfer to the home page or pages from the channel page, not everything is transferred from the home from top to bottom.


page and page to "step keywords" regular series, key words the same level at the same level in tandem, from the bottom up keywords, long tail keywords support center, direct push to the front page keywords ranking up, and the formation of weight cycle, each transfer; for example: series with "business shoes" the page should be the page with the long tail word "business shoes" extended out, so in the "business shoes’ this page can be stacked of keywords, increase keyword density, also play a page between each other in series, each other to transfer the weight, and their contents are more relevant (like Links).


site keywords Pyramid structure;

A > 2,

2 keywords, not but on a single page, in the framework of the site is

3, the bottom began to reverse optimization keywords, so that the weight of starting from the bottom, directly pushed to the home page key word ranking up.

site transfer is mutual, two-way, can flow.

to clarify this issue we concerned from several aspects:


The weight between page and page

1, web page is passed each other, two-way, mobile

site keywords regular series, mutual transfer of weight (including architecture, web page keywords stack distribution)

Laminated structure, laminated


The weight of Between the

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