How to improve the user experience of the website optimization

the reasonable distribution of content and extension: Home – List – the content page, from close to the evacuation in descending order. Home page – list of content pages, in order to strengthen the correlation; information for professional website, recommended comprehensive content may be interspersed, they are interested in other types of content; navigation, title, text, pictures and clear positioning is easy to understand; not.

the user depends on the value of the site.

users on the website of the extension of the demand information.

pragmatist. It is difficult to mount such people, the content extension may attract them.


users to information.

improve the site’s brand value: such as a unified and professional website design, high quality website content; strong website culture and philosophy; to provide users with free services, bring more practical value to the. In order to expand the influence of the site and word of mouth.

participants. Emphasize the website usability, interactive, easy to communicate.

The contents of

first, user behavior analysis:

to improve Web Usability: with the theme of the site is easy to use, practical and auxiliary tool. Such as webmaster nets, can provide web site information query tool, tool chain, pseudo original tools and so on; to improve the information content, function, value; for the user group classification to improve the user extensibility of the site content; interaction provide website content.

is to improve the user experience? That is to stick to the site for the first time and access to the user, to win them back, and to the user classification, screening, precise positioning, targeted to improve the website interior elements, to improve the user’s use of the site by. So, how to improve the user experience of the website optimization,

the second classification website user:

improve the user experience, many web site optimization industry has been advocated. But in our recognition to improve user experience at the same time, still seem to think that the user experience is the site optimization and is self contradictory. In fact, sometimes quietly come, whether it is to improve the user experience and website optimization, they all have a similar purpose to increase website traffic. Therefore, they are not completely contradictory.

followers. Every good website should have some fans to decorate, it is important for the promotion, the key is the site value and brand culture.

Evaluation on the website of the

information collection. Pay more attention to the value of website content.


finally, to improve the user experience:

For ?


initial contact. The first visual impact, the website background is very important, but also attract new visitors to the smooth return of the most important reasons.

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