Large e commerce website content optimization strategy to explain in detail

large e-commerce sites, content optimization strategy is mainly divided into the following three aspects:


content aggregation

web site feature rich content, strong timeliness, and these high quality web pages are generally hidden deep, therefore the classification for different topics, topics based on hot topics and activities to develop strategy is the basic thematic content page keywords optimization.

The list of goods

is certainly the future process of many large electricity supplier website for Shanghai Longfeng work, focus on building the channel page, category page and single product page, usually ignore the optimization of station based on content, resulting in the overall page number, website search engine, natural search traffic can not be significantly improved. So how can the future site of existing content resources to effectively integrate and expand, so that the search engine to maximize access to high quality, long tail traffic free


commodity list can also be called a commodity aggregate page is mainly used to provide a single product, the key internal links entrance page. List the category page can be integrated into a certain amount of search keywords, for example: "tablet computer list", "women’s brand rankings". But there’s a caveat: export control the number of pages.

2, the extension of

do their own electricity supplier website content construction is not enough, for commodity related content to carry out targeted expansion, in order to maximize access to natural search traffic, add encyclopedia and information channel is a good choice.

large electricity supplier website for their own content resources management confusion, not for its reasonable distinction, resulting in a short period of time a user can not obtain valuable content. So it is necessary to make efficient use of existing resources website content, website search engines have prompted the overall quantitative change and qualitative change.

The characteristics of



information content is high correlation and base, higher search volume keywords. The electricity supplier website set up information platform, to carry out a reasonable classification of the content, equipped with adequate resources to ensure the continued expansion of the station editing, information content.


product evaluation, consulting content is often regarded as a commodity with a single product page, bearing characteristics, is the number of high quality. The product evaluation and consultation content exists as a separate page, and reasonable internal link building in the category page and single product page, can pull the entire station to enhance the number of goods included, increase the keyword in the search engine results page ranking opportunity.

channel more suitable for the independent brand electricity supplier website, its keyword coverage, for independent brand electricity supplier website for the commodity brand type keywords optimization. For example: "Estee Lauder", "Dior".


product evaluation / consulting content


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