Love Shanghai algorithm adjustment Standardization unified

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general, December Shanghai let love algorithm change the search results appear in November that same site no longer, but because of with and without / / the same site was ranked at home. That at least they have already done this domain name standard adjustment algorithm.


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this is love Shanghai to give us the most direct and prompt, let us do 301 jump on your own website, do the unified domain name. Love Shanghai optimization guide pointed out that the domain name is not unified the disadvantages, such as a website with two 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝 and the two 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝 domain name address can also access the site, but sometimes will find this two site domain name, will have different results, when their PR values are not the same so we! That search engine is the two domain name as two sites to treat, dispersed to lead to PR values! This algorithm requires us to adjust the unified operation.

love Shanghai algorithm has been adjusted, but in November December with different search results, do not know if you have noticed this, love Shanghai domain name Standard Specification, all domain name into the domain name + / home page. The original love Shanghai to the same site plus / and no / that is a different site, now do not jump to add / add / standard unified domain name. We look at November with changes now love Shanghai search results.

chain construction is often a direct domain in the form, not with the oblique rod. And now love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, the main domain with diagonal bars is considered to be the standard form of domain name. So, we leave the construction of the chain link to the best with the oblique rod, so direct the construction of the chain than to other domain name chain construction through the 301 jump transfer at all, remains to be verified. Of course, my personal view is better than the direct indirect, if friends have new ideas, welcome to discuss.

two, the construction of the chain

Shanghai will find only a dragon forum / domain name as the standard, and then observe the other sites, even in the search engine input complete domain without diagonal rod, click on the confirmation will jump to / with the domain name. These bring us what prompted

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