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now finally understand, a lot of people say that the mobile search and desktop search is the same, in fact only network specific keywords, and to the mobile terminal, few users will search such as: Shanghai dragon, website optimization and the words, more mobile users search can solve the problem of side, such as snack bar the bus route, tourist attractions, etc.. With gesture search, voice search and the.

actually love Shanghai and noble baby are similar, I here is not to mention, just love Shanghai to do more commercial, noble baby kept to its idea of not doing evil, and love the Shanghai mobile search is more convenient for the user.

through the above we can see that the search words, love Shanghai mobile search and desktop search exactly the same, the only difference is that love Shanghai encyclopedia show is the mobile phone version and the desktop version, is the mobile phone search ", WAP version of" closer to the top.

(the difference between love Shanghai mobile search and desktop search)

mobile user search behavior


through access to information, a lot of people say Shanghai dragon mobile phone search and desktop search very different, the beginning of the test also confirmed this point, the only difference is the mobile phone version of the site closer to the top, but with the expansion of the scope of the search keywords, I find the difference between them two.


however, when we search for tourist attractions, there was a distinct love scene, Shanghai mobile search gives the same way network advertising in the first place, with a big box told his phone, and the desktop version of love Shanghai search is based on the IP judge Lu loose at location is Beijing, given the corresponding regional display results, as shown in the figure, the search results are given in a large number of tourist attractions in Beijing "introduction.

, mobile search is more and more, in the last year has never been mobile search through my blog this year by statistical tools, there are more and more users to search my blog by mobile phone, a time when the mobile search antecedents great, I also studied the specific their origin, although most from palm love Shanghai, but for the optimization of mobile search engine is more and more worth my attention, this article will discuss the differences between Lu Songsong mobile search and desktop search, we hope to help a bit.

With the popularity of smart mobile phone

loves Shanghai and noble Baby Mobile Search

(mobile search love Shanghai prominent regional display)

love Shanghai mobile search and desktop search from

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